Mary Mount Sec Sch

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Mary Mount Sec Sch is in Nakuru County (Molo Constituency).

Mary Mount Sec Sch is a girls boarding secondary school.

The school started 42 years ago in 1969 as an offshot of Mt. St. Mary’s Girls Primary School. It was started by Visionary sisters of St. Francis. It continued as a single stream school upto 1997 when the first double stream in-take was done. By then, Mary Mount had earned her place among the top performing schools in Kenya. The first double stream class left the school in the year 2000 and the The school started by Visionary Sisters(Irish) who cared about the girl child in Kenya- Little performance being the best ever.
The school continued to acquire more facilities to cater for the growing number and also improve the quality of teaching and In 2005,the current Principal(Sr. Catherine) started the third stream to cater for the large number of qualifying students who wanted to be in Mary Mount making the waiting list grow very large. This year,the form one waiting list had 450 applications. In 2008, the first third stream students exited the school once again with the best performance for school ever.
This implied that the number did not matter,it was the focus and dedication that is important.So many things make this school different from the rest.This incude the fact that
.Every student is a member of Y.C.S
. Some schools have music instruments e.g. saxophones, drums e.t.c but they don't sing well,however in Mary Mount we lack them but we sing very well.
. Form Fours are not treated specially during K.C.S.E
. Prefects in Mary Mount are not treated more specially than other students e.g. in terms of diet and dressing
.Students in Mary Mount since the school's formation in 1969 have never indulged in strikes;they solve issues in diplomatic way.

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School Code: C7090105

Address: Box 38 Molo

Level: Secondary School

Day/Boarding: Boarding

Gender: Girls

Ownership: Public

Sponsor: Religious Organisation

Student Needs: Ordinary


Acreage: 14

Acreage per enrolment: 34.9

Pupil Teacher Ratio: 0.0

Total Enrolment: 489

Total Teaching staff: 24


County: Nakuru

Constituency: Molo

Province: Rift Valley

District: Nakuru

Division: Molo

Location: Molo

Sub Location: Molo


TSC Male Teachers 18
TSC Female Teachers 6
Local Authority Male Teachers 0
Local Authority Female Teachers 0
PTA Board of Governors Male Teacher 0
PTA Board of Governors Female Teacher 0
Other Male Teachers 0
Other Female Teachers 0
Non Teaching Staff Male 22
Non Teaching Staff Female 5