Lugulu Girls High Sch

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Lugulu Girls High Sch is in Bungoma County (Webuye Constituency).

Lugulu Girls High Sch is a girls day secondary school.

Lugulu Girls High School is located in Misikhu, Webuye constituency. Lugulu Girls High School is part of Bungoma district in the Western province of Kenya.Lugulu High School is a Girls boarding school. The schools sponsorship is listed as Religious Organization.
The School Institution Type is classified as – Ordinary. This Secondary School in Kenya has an enrolment of 1128 with a student teacher ratio of 21.7 and a total teaching staff of 52 people. This school has a total acreage of 12.
Lugulu Girls High School was established in 1969. It is now ranked among National Schools due to its outstanding performance.

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School Code: J8010005

Address: Private Bag Webuye

Level: Secondary School

Day/Boarding: Day

Gender: Girls

Ownership: Public

Sponsor: Religious Organisation

Student Needs: Ordinary


Acreage: 12

Acreage per enrolment: 94.0

Pupil Teacher Ratio: 0.0

Total Enrolment: 1128

Total Teaching staff: 52


County: Bungoma

Constituency: Webuye

Province: Western

District: Bungoma

Division: Webuye

Location: Misikhu

Sub Location: Kituni


TSC Male Teachers 23
TSC Female Teachers 23
Local Authority Male Teachers 0
Local Authority Female Teachers 0
PTA Board of Governors Male Teacher 4
PTA Board of Governors Female Teacher 2
Other Male Teachers 0
Other Female Teachers 0
Non Teaching Staff Male 41
Non Teaching Staff Female 12