Kanga High School

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Kanga High School is in Migori County (Rongo Constituency).

Kanga High School is a boys boarding secondary school.

Kanga High School is located in the Rongo constituency in South Kamagambo . The school is part of the Migori district in the Nyanza province of Kenya.
It is a Boys Only Boarding Only school. The schools sponsorship is listed as Religious Organization. The School Institution Type is classified as – Ordinary. This Secondary School in Kenya has an enrolment of 785 with a student teacher ratio of 18.3 and a total teaching staff of 43 people. This school has a total acreage of 23.The school has nurtured and it is still nurturing the youth into successful men in future. They are not only provided with exam-oriented skills just in class but they are also offered with life skills and other extra curriculum activities like. participating in clubs and societies, principally, in debates and also in sports like hockey, football, tennis, volleyball and athletics. These will actually enable the youth to be able to take part in community activities during holidays and even after school.This discipline instilled in student contribute to the good performance.

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School Code: B6060752

Address: 4 Rongo

Level: Secondary School

Day/Boarding: Boarding

Gender: Boys

Ownership: Public

Sponsor: Religious Organisation

Student Needs: Ordinary


Acreage: 23

Acreage per enrolment: 34.1

Pupil Teacher Ratio: 0.0

Total Enrolment: 785

Total Teaching staff: 43


County: Migori

Constituency: Rongo

Province: Nyanza

District: Migori

Division: Rongo

Location: South Kamagambo

Sub Location: North Kanyajuok


TSC Male Teachers 30
TSC Female Teachers 4
Local Authority Male Teachers 0
Local Authority Female Teachers 0
PTA Board of Governors Male Teacher 7
PTA Board of Governors Female Teacher 2
Other Male Teachers 0
Other Female Teachers 0
Non Teaching Staff Male 28
Non Teaching Staff Female 9