Gitura Sec Sch

Quick Info

Gitura Sec Sch is in Meru County (Igembe Constituency).

Gitura Sec Sch is a mixed day secondary school.

Nearby schools:

  1. Gitura Pry Sch (105.17m)
  2. Antubankui Pry Sch (893.46m)
  3. Luluma Pry Sch (1130.90m)
  4. Kilalai Pry Sch (1402.34m)
  5. Kilalai Special Unit (1402.34m)


School Code: F4110033

Address: 301,Maua

Level: Secondary School

Day/Boarding: Day

Gender: Mixed

Ownership: Public

Sponsor: Community

Student Needs: Ordinary


Acreage: 3

Acreage per enrolment: 11.0

Pupil Teacher Ratio: 0.0

Total Enrolment: 33

Total Teaching staff: 4


County: Meru

Constituency: Igembe

Province: Eastern

District: Meru North

Division: Igembe Central

Location: Maua

Sub Location: Gitura


TSC Male Teachers 0
TSC Female Teachers 0
Local Authority Male Teachers 0
Local Authority Female Teachers 0
PTA Board of Governors Male Teacher 3
PTA Board of Governors Female Teacher 1
Other Male Teachers 0
Other Female Teachers 0
Non Teaching Staff Male 2
Non Teaching Staff Female 0