Ack St. Johns Millenium Academy Pri Sch

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Ack St. Johns Millenium Academy Pri Sch is in Embu County (Manyatta Constituency).

Ack St. Johns Millenium Academy Pri Sch is a mixed day primary school.

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School Code:


Level: Primary School

Day/Boarding: Day

Gender: Mixed

Ownership: Private

Sponsor: Religious Organisation

Student Needs: Ordinary


Pupil Classroom Ratio: 6

Pupil Teacher Ratio: 6

Pupil Toilet Ratio: 12

Teachers Toilets: 4

Total Number of Classrooms: 4


County: Embu

Constituency: Manyatta

Province: Eastern

District: Embu

Division: Central - Embu

Location: Mbeti North


TSC Male Teachers 0
TSC Female Teachers 0
Local Authority Male Teachers 0
Local Authority Female Teachers 0
PTA Board of Governors Male Teacher 1
PTA Board of Governors Female Teacher 3
Other Male Teachers 0
Other Female Teachers 0
Non Teaching Staff Male 0
Non Teaching Staff Female 1


Boys Girls Total
Enrollment 0 0 24
Toilets 1 1 0